About Me

I am Tom Z and CX2Pilot on the following websites: Rcgroups.com, Helifreak.com, Rcuniverse.com, Runryder.com, Deviationtx.com, YouTube.com

I build, repair, modify, and fly RC Helicopters and Quadcopters. I do product reviews for RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, Transmitters, Receivers, Motors, Batteries, aftermarket parts, and ESC’s.
Some things I test for are flight indoors and outdoors, crash durability, performance, headspeed, thrust, flight time with different batteries and different motors/pinions and ESC’s.

I specialize in making Transmitter Setup Guides for Helicopters and Quadcopters (Multirotor).

I started doing reviews on Rcgroups in 2009. My first review was for the Walkera CB100. In 2010 I started making transmitter setup guides which was made a sticky on RCGroups. I then built my own web site in 2012, RCProReviews.com